Super Robot Roguelike: Day 7

Im folding for now. Planned too much and when I hacked off all the features I wanted, all the was left was  simple generic roguelike. I think ill work more on this later and then submit it as my one game a month. Failing sucks. Advertisements

Super Robot Roguelike: Day 6

I don’t think ill make it. I’ve taken out most of the things I wanted in the game and reducing it to a simple dungeon crawl with 1 super robot type. This is doable until I hit the part where I implement the skill system. I realized, at this point, that I haven’t planned it […]

Super Robot Roguelike: Day 5

After power outages and other forces of nature kept me away from coding last night, I was kinda in low morale when I began today. I’m still finishing up the whole interface and text feedback functions as those are very important to a combat centric roguelike. However, I cant seem to catch up to my […]

Super Robot Roguelike: Day 3

Man these problems keep piling up. When I started to code today I had this problem with the autocomplete. Normally, in most common IDEs, when you press ‘.’ an autocomplete feature will help you type in the rest so you can actually code faster. However, there seems to be an issue with FlashDevelop, the one […]

Super Robot Roguelike: Day 2

Aaand so I couldnt keep up the pace after all. I took one look at how I wanted the AI to behave and just kinda went nuts. Should I do a pathfinding algorithm on the get go? Should I A* or Djikstra? How about line of sight? So I wrote down all the possibilities and […]

Super Robot Roguelike: Day 1

So after posting earlier I went to work on my roguelike. I arrived on the concept when I was mulling everything over and happened upon the GBA game “Super Robot Wars Original Generation”¬†and wondered if it would be awesome to run around inside a super robot. After a really stupid moment I caught myself and […]